5 things that make an auto repair shop good

5 things that make an auto repair shop good
6 May 2021 0 Comments

For a long time, cars have become the means of transport most often used by people. Today, almost every farm has at least one vehicle, and it is estimated that another is sold worldwide every second. This is related not only to the increase in their number moving on the streets, but also to the growing popularity of … car repair shops . Regardless of whether we have a direct reason for it (accident, breakdown or crash) or we do not have one (routine inspection), we must visit a car repair shop . How, however, from such a large number of them, select the one that will be worth paying attention to?

Car repair shop and opinions about it

5 things that make an auto repair shop goodOne of the basic things that usually suggest choosing a car repair shop are the opinions of friends. However, do you rely on them? Yes and no. Yes, because the good ones are usually the result of a positive experience of returning the car. No, because they often result from simple actions that any mechanic would be able to take – a good opinion about the workshop formed by a short review of the car’s operation is not entirely measurable, and certainly not as much as one formed by repairing a serious defect or “Patching the car” after a major crash. That is why we always have the opinions of our friends, even if they come straight from the heart and are as sincere as possible, we must correlate with what caused them to arise.

In all this, the driver’s experience counts above all – the opinion of a person who has been driving for over 20 years and knows his stuff will be more valuable than that of a person who has no driving experience .

5 commandments of a good car repair shop

If you want to find a garage where it will be worth leaving your own car, it is worth following a healthy logic. However, we do not always have the appropriate knowledge about cars (because we do not have to have it) to make a decision quickly, and sometimes it is simply difficult to make an immediate assessment of a specific place. Therefore, let us never act in a hurry , remembering that we have a huge choice and that the final decision is only up to us. Below are five things that every good car repair shop should have , and we can rely on when choosing.

  1. Qualified staff – good mechanics are something we expect from a good car repair shop. When we go to the initial interview to determine the reasons for the visit and prepare a preliminary cost estimate, we usually meet at the repair site – therefore we can boldly see how mechanics work in a specific workshop, how they care for their cars and whether they do it with the confidence required in this profession. Also, the person we are talking to should be knowledgeable, and not be in the dark – especially when making a valuation.
  2. Clear and fair terms of cooperation – unfortunately, but very often it happens that car repair shops try to take advantage of the ignorance of people visiting them and find problems that did not exist. It is important that the car repair shop we use has an honest approach to everything, preferably by giving the opportunity to prepare a car return report, indicating its condition at the time of leaving it in the hands of a mechanic.
  3. Clear accounts for the work performed – unfair workshops in the final settlements very often include services that we did not know about before, and which we did not really need – for example oil change. It is important that the workshop we use does not do this, and that the final price is very similar to the initial valuation made during our first visit.
  4. Good condition of the garage – although from the garage – for obvious reasons – we cannot demand aesthetics and cleanliness, because it is a very specific place in this respect, order and good organization count in it , not necessarily with great cleanliness. Therefore, let’s pay attention to how everything is organized inside – we can quickly assess this by observing the work of the mechanics during our first visit to the site, usually on site or at the workshop office.
  5. Good reputation – a good reputation can prove that the garage is simply trustworthy – pay attention to the number of cars repaired by him and those in the parking lot. It also says a lot.


It is not easy to find a good car repair shop , and the situation is not made easier by the fact that nowadays this type of service is provided by a lot of service providers (mainly due to the demand, which we discussed earlier). However, we should never underestimate this choice, trying to be as picky as possible – especially since we have a reason to do so. We leave our car at the mechanic’s, often costing several dozen (and in many cases even hundreds) thousand zlotys. It is worth taking care of putting them in good hands of professionals.