Car parts – where to throw away?

Car parts - where to throw away?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Each car owner carefully cares about the usefulness of his vehicle. Over time, however, all parts wear out, so they need to be disposed of. Here’s where the problem arises: where to throw them away? How to manage waste to make it safe for humans and the environment? It turns out that they cannot be thrown into the municipal garbage, so where? Caring for the planet is everyone’s responsibility today, in this article you will learn how to get rid of used car parts.

How to store car parts?

Parts wear out with the operation of the vehicle. A broken battery and punctured tires can be thrown away. So where to go with a request to accept car waste? A broken battery can be safely returned to the store where we buy a new one. The seller is obliged to take back the old battery. What’s more, a buyer who does not return the used battery must pay a deposit of PLN 30. The deposit is refundable within 30 days from the date of issuing the invoice, only on the condition of returning the used battery. This is one of the options. The second is to hand over the equipment to the Selective Collection Points for Hazardous Waste in each city. This return is completely free of charge. You just need to look for exactly where they are. It is forbidden to throw the battery in the garbage.

Car parts - where to throw away?Apart from the batteries, the tires are the ones that wear out the most. Often, tire repair shops offer to pick up old tires after replacing them with new ones. This is a very convenient option for any owner who does not have to worry about their disposal. In addition, they can be returned to the service. However, workshops are not obliged to collect used tires and therefore may refuse to accept them. Another option is to donate them to municipal waste collection. The delivery of tires is of course completely free of charge, provided that they come from household vehicles. In addition, PSZOK is a place where you can also leave: bulbs, car wipers, xenons or parts of the car’s electrics.

Here are the remaining elements of the car and the method of their disposal:
– broken radiator or car sheet are transferred to a scrap yard,
– seats are taken by the Vehicle Disassembly Station,
– used oil – the law requires that used oil is handed over to a company ensuring its disposal in accordance with the law. Therefore, the simplest solution is to take it to a workshop or to a Hazardous Waste Collection Point (PZON),
– radiator fluid – solidly closed containers with radiator fluid can be sent to a service that deals, among others, with engine repairs,
– spark plugs, because they do not bind deal with any threat to the natural environment, they can be safely disposed of as mixed waste,
– Car body parts. As in the case of seats, it is a good idea to take them to the vehicle dismantling station. They will be accepted without any problems, such a return is also not associated with any fees,
– the air filter, due to the lack of proven harmfulness to the environment, can be safely disposed of with ordinary waste,
– the audio system should be returned to the nearest Selective Waste Collection Point Komunalnych (PSZOK), which deals with its disposal,
– xenon filament. They require proper disposal. Most often, stores allow you to return them when buying new ones,
– exhaust. You can give away or sell at a scrap yard, thus recovering some money.

Why shouldn’t used car parts be thrown into the garbage?

First of all, car parts should not be thrown in the trash because they are not biodegradable, which means they do not decompose on their own. Secondly, they contain a number of harmful and sometimes environmentally toxic substances. Therefore, self-disposal, including throwing used car parts into the bin, is non-ecological and, at the same time, dangerous to our health. In fact, it is damaging the planet, poisoning the air, water and soil. Some may be convinced by the fact that improper disposal of car waste may have serious legal consequences, including a fine of PLN 500.

What about car fluids?

In addition to fixed elements of equipment, we also deal with various types of fluids, i.e. all automotive liquids. Just like the aforementioned elements, also liquids cannot end up in an ordinary garbage can. Nor can they just be poured out. This is a serious threat. Replacing and disposing of old fluids requires appropriate knowledge, therefore it is not recommended to do it yourself. A better solution is to entrust this task to specialists, i.e. professional car mechanics.

Is being green hard? It turns out not. Safe, cheap and ecological disposal of old car parts is possible. Therefore, it is worth following the above-mentioned rules to take care of the environment and your own health, as well as avoid serious financial penalties.