Car repair shop

Car repair shop
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Every year more and more motor vehicles appear on Polish roads. This is due to the increasingly better condition of the road infrastructure, relatively cheap used cars, and growing salaries of Poles. What is worth remembering when we decide to buy a car?

New or used car?

This is one of the basic questions that we need to answer before making a transaction. Each of the solutions has its pros and cons. The undoubted advantages of new cars are that they are new. When buying this type of vehicle, we have a warranty as to the mileage of the vehicle, its technical condition and we can count on a periodic warranty. Nowadays, the most popular are those relating to a certain number of kilometers traveled or are concluded for a specific period of time. In addition, we can count on a year-round authorized car repair shop and assistance that guarantees specific services in the event of a vehicle breakdown. 

However, buying a new car from the showroom is associated with high costs. Currently, about 80% of purchases of new cars in our country are related to the purchase of them by companies. It is something else to pay the monthly leasing installment on the invoice and to spend a significant monthly amount from the household budget. Taking into account the current prices of new cars, it is good to recalculate everything so that you do not regret the investment made after some time.

Car repair shopThe situation is completely different in the case of used cars. The undoubted advantages of this solution include a much more attractive purchase price. Cars from the secondary market differ in price from those bought in the showroom by almost 60-70%. When buying a used car, however, we must be aware of the risk we are taking. In fact, for almost a year, the law in our country severely punishes people who modify the mileage of used cars, but the weight of vehicles already on sale may have a “twisted” meter. Hence, the lack of a guarantee for the mileage of such a vehicle should be regarded as a major disadvantage of this solution. 

However, if we are sure about the actual meter reading of the purchased vehicle, the rest of the defects are definitely acceptable. In this case, our car must be insured and have valid technical tests, but it is a much cheaper option compared to new cars. Just before making an aftermarket car deal, it is wise to visit a nearby auto repair shop. This will allow us to accurately determine the condition and course of the subject of the transaction.

What type of drive should I choose?

This is one of the next most important questions that every consumer must answer before buying a car. And in this case, it all depends on what the car will be used for. For city driving, experts recommend mainly cars with gasoline engines. This is due to their low operating costs and good performance in city traffic. Gasoline vehicles are therefore a solution for people moving short distances, mainly in city traffic.

Another solution is to buy a car with a diesel engine. This solution is especially appreciated by people who have to cover long distances every day. Sales representatives are a good example here, as they are able to cover several hundred kilometers each day. 

Another solution is to buy a hybrid car. This solution is by far the most expensive in terms of initial costs, but with the use of the car, its maintenance drastically decreases compared to gasoline or diesel cars. In addition, it is worth considering ecology. Hybrid cars are currently extremely ecological cars. So by buying this type of vehicle, we contribute to a better air quality that prevails in our city or in the countryside. Taking into account the constantly growing emission standards, hybrid cars will for many years to pass this type of tests without any problems, which cannot be said about gasoline cars. 

Car care after purchase

If we have already become the happy owners of the car, it is good to remember these few simple tips so that the vehicle will serve us for many years to come without major faults and breakdowns. First, let’s visit the car repair shop once every six months. During the visit, we should check the brake pads, discs and replace the engine oil. These types of treatments apply to all cars, regardless of whether they were used or new. Regular car inspection will allow us to avoid sudden and costly repairs, because we will monitor the condition of the car on an ongoing basis. 

 More and more vehicles traveling on the road have on-board computers and extensive electronics. This is especially true of the newest premium cars. Taking into account the costs associated with the replacement of electronic components, let’s make sure that the car repair shop we visit each time checks the condition of the electronic systems in our car.