Choosing an apartment – does the move “to your own” end here?

Choosing an apartment - does the move "to your own" end here?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Finally, in everyone’s life there comes a moment when we can buy our first apartment. Although earlier it was certainly our dream, when it turns out to be very feasible, it turns out that we will face a lot of serious choices and decisions. How to sort it all out to deal with it effectively and finally live in your own four corners?

Let’s start with the choice

At the very beginning, we need to define what kind of apartment we prefer. At the moment, buying a second-hand apartment is not very popular – especially among young people. They usually prefer to bet on the offer directed to them by developers – an apartment in a newly built one (or, at the time of making a decision, still being built) has its advantages. Everything is then new, and we do not have to worry that something suddenly starts to fall apart. We also have another problem solved: the neighborhood. Development buildings are usually inhabited by young people and, at any rate, quite wealthy (or at least able to afford such housing). Thanks to this, we can be sure that our neighbors will not cause us problems.

Of course, second-hand apartments also have their advantages. One of them is the price , which in their case may be even several times lower. Usually it is also more difficult to find a developer who would build himself in the very center – there is no such problem with a second-hand apartment.

Arranging – where to start?

Choosing a flat - does the move "to your own" end here?If we have already made a decision and the developer (or a private person) is already preparing a flat for us, or is already waiting for us to move in, we should think about the preparations related to its arrangement. When buying an apartment, even if we haven’t seen it “live” yet, we often receive its plan – on its basis, we can define the basic layout of the rooms, and then we can start creating our own vision. One of the key things here is inspiration. Their sources may be different – most often they are photos from the Internet, sometimes exhibitions in specialized stores with furniture and accessories for apartments. Less often, though completely perversely, because it is the best source of inspiration, they are associated with friends who already have their own apartment.

When it comes to the photos themselves published on the Internet, we cannot always fully trust them. All due to the fact that the items placed on them are arranged “typically to match” – we care not only about the appearance, but also about practicality. Because what if the apartment will be nice, if we will not really feel well in it? That is why we should approach all of this as logically as possible.

It is also worth dividing your work into several stages. Contrary to what is commonly believed, the furniture should be selected last . At the beginning, it is important to define the main style by defining the colors of subsequent rooms. A coherent whole should be kept at the same time – subsequent rooms cannot differ diametrically from each other, but should rather constitute a coherent whole.

By selling us an apartment, the developer of course gives us complete freedom in arranging, changing and adapting its interior. After all, it is ours . However, if we do not feel strong enough to do it all ourselves, do not hesitate to use the help of a professional decorator. This one will take into account both the practical and visual side of interior design, while at the same time trying to implement the vision we presented to him.

Appropriate budget planning

It is certain that when we decide to buy an apartment, we have a predetermined budget, most of which will go to the developer for the purchase itself. What is left for us to arrange and arrange, therefore, we must properly use to live in a place suitable for long use. So if our budget is extremely limited, let’s start with the absolutely most important things that we must have from the beginning – let’s put aside the items that we can buy later.

Let’s prioritize the next elements of the decor, first trying to take care of the floors and walls that form the basis for any subsequent activities. Let’s also not forget to take into account the cost of home appliances . Without a washing machine, refrigerator or stove, it will be difficult for us to survive, and these types of things can also cost money – so they must be included in our plan at the very beginning.


Regardless of whether the seller of our flat is a developer or a private person, the purchase itself is not the most difficult element of moving “to your own”. In fact, it is a process that lasts for years and depends entirely not only on our time, but also on the budget we have. One thing is certain – it is worth preparing an appropriate plan in advance, which will be followed later. It will make our lives much easier.