How to paint the roof and what paint to choose? Guide.

How to paint the roof and what paint to choose? Guide.
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Painting the roof is the easiest way to restore it, and it is also a very effective maintenance procedure. Good-quality paint for the roof, combined with proper performance of works, will protect it for at least several years. If your roofing needs to be refreshed and you don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place. Please see our guide.

Inspection and assessment of the situation

Before starting any renovation works, we must check the technical condition of our roof sheathing. Of course, sheet metal is the most vulnerable to degradation. This covering may deform and crack under the influence of periodic temperature changes. However, such cracks, under the influence of rain and snow, quickly transform into corrosion centers. Peeled paint is not difficult to notice, but pay special attention to all mechanical damage. If we want to carry out an effective and lasting renovation, we will have to remove them first.

Surface preparation 

If we have already selected the paint for the roof and the way in which we will apply it (which is discussed later in the guide), we can start working. Before painting, we must of course prepare the surface. We start with removing leaves and other plant debris, and we can also inspect and clean the gutter installation. The next step will be to repair any damage and remove corrosion. We grind the rust to the so-called bare sheet metal, thoroughly clean the roof of peeling paint. Small defects in the sheet and bitumen shingle can be repaired by matching the appropriate patches. However, if we are dealing with larger holes or a broken tile, unfortunately we have to replace the entire element.

The next step will be to get rid of dust and small impurities, thoroughly wash and degrease the roof. The best method is definitely the use of a pressure washer and degreasing preparations in the form of an aqueous solution. However, nothing prevents you from doing the same with a sponge, brush and garden hose. Remember to do all these activities very carefully, rushing at the preparation stage will take weeks, months or a year – when our freshly applied paint starts to peel again after a few more solid rains.

Choosing the right paint for the roof

How to paint the roof and what paint to choose? Guide.We must start our search by determining the technical parameters of our roof. We will use a different paint for galvanized sheets, another for concrete tiles, and another for bituminous shingles. If our roof has extensive rust spots, despite thorough cleaning, we can also try a special anti-corrosion primer. We should also remember that if our renovation is to be permanent, we must focus on dedicated paints dedicated to roofs and fences. They are usually characterized by high flexibility of the coating (the roof works under the influence of temperature and wind) and increased resistance to weather conditions and UV rays (thanks to which the paint will last much longer).

When choosing, it is also worth to read the label of a specific product or ask the seller for help, as the well-known adage “who asks does not err” says. Let’s also choose the right color that matches our façade, the effect of our work is to be not only purely practical, but also simply pretty. Finally, it is worth mentioning that it is not worth saving money on roof paint . Although the prices of some producers can be really prohibitive, remember how much time and work we spend on renovation. If we take up this challenge, let’s do it once and for all, we will have peace of mind for a few or even several years.


We apply the paint with a brush or roller, we usually apply two or three layers with an interval of several hours. It’s best to divide your work into stages. For example, with a gable roof, we can first paint one quarter and the guttering, and then start the other half. Before we can put the first layer on both sides, we will be able to apply the second layer where we started. In this case, haste is also a bad advisor. We apply the paint to the roof in very thin layers, be careful not to trap air bubbles in it.

Of course, if we have a compressor and a paint spray gun and we know how to handle it, there is nothing to prevent us from using it. Just make sure we have sufficiently long pressure hoses. The paint application itself should under no circumstances be done on a hot and sunny day. Too high a temperature will cause the paint to dry too quickly and not create a durable coating. The maximum temperature for painting is 12-20 degrees Celsius. The exact method of applying the paint differs from the type of coating and the specific product, always check what the manufacturer recommends.

Finally, the most important thing – never, we NEVER rush. Work at height should always be performed with caution, if we do not have experience or simply do not feel confident, let’s hire professionals. Although doing a renovation yourself is a significant saving, it is really not worth risking your own health. Reason is the key.