How to take care of nail styling when you can’t go to a beauty salon?

How to take care of nail styling when you can't go to a beauty salon?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

If someone gave their nails a break from a manicurist? Or the woman has decided not to visit crowded places temporarily, including beauty salons. Either way, if it’s not possible to sign up for “nails”, there are trendy nail styling ideas that you can recreate at home. All you need is a little patience, effective accessories such as stars, dots, good nail polishes and a little creativity.

How to do nail styling at home?

Manicures in neutral shades will never go out of style. Thanks to it, there are no small defects around the epidermis, which means that it is generally difficult to make a mistake. If you notice that stains remain on your nails, a second coat of coating will solve the problem. Even a delicate nail stylization significantly improves the aesthetics of the hand, which is why it is a good idea for beginners in manicure.

How to take care of nail styling when you can't go to a beauty salon?Minimalist dots are a very interesting effect when decorating nails, they look good on both long and short-cut ones of any shape. If a woman is looking for a light and beautiful nail design, just draw dots on the bare nail plate. To create a stylish chrome accent, you can paint the strip with an art brush or stick special stickers on the very tip of each nail. Such a simple and beautiful pattern can be repeated by anyone. French stripes, transparent and silver varnish are enough for the manicure.

Flowers are an extremely cute nail styling. First, you need to apply a natural pink varnish on the nail plate, and then use a toothpick or a pin to mark symmetrical dots, creating tiny daisies. Flowers are not only an incredibly simple design on the nails, but also very beautiful and relevant in the summer season.

Nail styling in pastel versions

By choosing a pastel manicure, you can get inspired by the models from the Chanel show. As you can see, fashion houses prefer to change the accents of the manicure, allowing it to be as natural and restrained as possible. Muted beige shades will not only look stylish, but also be able to cover the imperfections of the nail plate, for example, if it turns yellow after an expressive gel-varnish.

Delicate yellow varnish will quickly become friends with a fashionable summer wardrobe. Many people think that pastel nails are a springtime story. But it’s not like that. It is not necessary to come up with a complex design, beautiful yellow nails will already decorate the image. White clouds against a blue sky background are an unusual accent in nail styling at any time of the year. As a background, you can use not only sky blue, but, for example, a shade of lavender or peach. Such a simple nail design can be repeated at home. To paint the clouds, take a thin brush (or a paintbrush as a last resort) and make pressing movements to make three points. Then connect them carefully to the cloud.

Candy nail styling

Manicure in pastel colors is at the forefront of fashion trends. It best suits the seasonal mood, while being beautiful and gentle, playful and a bit modest at the same time. In general, such a manicure should look like a packet of pasta cookies or multi-colored marshmallows on whipped cream. The main thing is to choose 4-5 complementary colors and paint each nail differently. You can also experiment with the finish: it can be matte, glossy or pearl.

However, if a woman does not have enough determination or time for a candy manicure, she can try another experiment. She will need two contrasting shades of varnish. Shades of dark pink, pale yellow, lilac or pale blue are welcome. This manicure, although simple to perform, attracts attention. Different varnishes on different hands are a subtle but effective nail styling.

Lavender, red color in nail design

It is enough to see how great the lavender manicure looks on the nails of actresses walking on red carpets. It is not only a beautiful spring trend in manicure, which looks especially impressive in combination with makeup in lilac shades. You can get inspired by spring flowers and your favorite desserts. To emphasize a beautiful lilac manicure, you can add a garment, jewelry or other accessory, a delicate shade in a combination of similar colors and delicate textures will sparkle in a new way.

An unusual trend, which, however, often appears in the most fashionable manicure collections. If the nails are long enough, it makes sense to try drawing red hearts on the tips. A thick beige varnish can be used as a substrate. It is also worth trying to apply a pattern on a translucent coating. A great idea not only for Valentine’s Day, you can always express your love of ultra-fashionable manicure in such a unique way. 

Or maybe a French manicure with sequins? There are pastel stripes and glitter all over the nail plate. First, paint the ends, and after drying, apply one coat of glitter varnish. You can also use pieces of gold foil to style your nails. Incredibly beautiful reflections in the sun will convince everyone that sparkling accents are important at any time of the year.