Laundry room – how much is waiting

Laundry room - how much is waiting
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Are you a hotel or hostel owner? If so, you are surely well aware of the importance of hygiene and keeping the rooms clean in this industry. From year to year, consumers are becoming more and more demanding. This is mainly due to the growing awareness among hotel visitors. It is worth noting, however, that it has a huge impact on the quality of services provided by given places. Therefore, if you want your hotel to function at the highest level and the guests visiting it to be satisfied, we have great news for you! Well, especially for people like you, we have created this mini guide that will introduce you to the subject of laundry for hotels. By reading this text, you will learn, among other things, what is the waiting time for washing, for example, hotel bedding, and what is the price list for this type of service. So if you are interested, we encourage you to read on! 

What is a laundry room? 

Almost everyone has encountered the very concept of a laundry. For people who, however, are not fully aware of how the laundry works, it is a place where clothes and other items are returned that require special cleaning. Such items may include, but are not limited to: – teddy bears, – bedding, – curtains, – coats made of delicate fabrics, – prom dresses, – wedding dresses, – clothes with a specific texture. And much more. 

Interestingly, nowadays a good laundry can be found in almost every city. This is a great convenience, because until recently, in order to be able to choose a thing that is difficult to clean at home, you had to go to a large metropolis. Speaking of laundries, it should be clearly stated that currently there are several types of this type of place, which differ from each other in terms of use and, above all, the method of washing. 

Types of laundry 

Laundry room - how much is waitingAlthough at first glance it may seem that a laundry room is a laundry room and there is no point in pursuing this topic – trust us, it is definitely better to be familiar with this topic. In the opposite installment, it may turn out that you will be dissatisfied with the service provided, and your bitterness will result from the discrepancy between expectations and the chosen method. So before you decide to put your laundry in the laundry, read the information on the different types of laundry and cleaning methods. We decided to briefly introduce you to a few basic types of laundry, so we will start with the most popular and the most common laundry, i.e. water washes. Water laundries are places where water is used to clean clothes. Their operation can be compared to an improved and more precise washing machine,which almost all of us have at home. This is a very good method, but it may not always work. Another type is the so-called dry cleaning, which, unlike its predecessor, does not use water for washing. In short, this means that washing is done dry. What aboutindustrial laundry ? If you’ve ever encountered a term such as “industrial laundry”, know that it is a synonym for the aforementioned laundry. 

What is the best laundry service for hotels? 

If, after reading this short description, you are wondering what kind of laundry will be the best solution for your hotel, the answer is very simple: you should opt for industrial laundries. This is mainly due to the fact that such places have much better adapted laundry services for hotels 

The waiting time for the laundry service to be performed 

If you are wondering how long you will have to wait to pick up your belongings, we must worry you. Well, there is no clear answer to this question, because it is a question that depends on many factors that are often variable. Factors that affect how long it takes to pick up your order include: – individual working time of a given laundry, – the amount of your laundry, – the place where you perform the service, – the way the service is to be performed. And many more. 

As you can see, you cannot provide a universal waiting time, because it can be completely different for each client. However, if you want to know at least the time band, the waiting time is usually from 2 days to even a week. So if you want your service to be delivered quickly, ask for the approximate waiting time before you decide to return your items to a given place. It’s also worth knowing that some laundries have a quick wash option at an additional cost. 

Price list 

When it comes to prices, as with the waiting time, it is also difficult to answer this question here. As you can guess, it depends on the prices of a given salon, as well as the number and type of items you want to choose. However, washing a single bedding starts from about PLN 20. 

As you can see, choosing a laundry service that will provide services for your hotel is not easy. Nevertheless, we hope you find our advice useful.