Private detective – is it worth using his services?

Private detective - is it worth using his services?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

In recent years, all kinds of para-documents, in which a private detective play the main role, have gained popularity. Many of us wonder how close this image created by television is to the truth. This is why the decision to hire a private investigator can be very difficult. Does he only deal with serious cases with a criminal theme? How expensive are his services? You will find the answers to all these questions below. 

Detective – who can become one?

In our country, detective has been a regulated profession only since 2001. The principles of conducting economic activity in the field of detective services are described in the especially for this purpose establishing the Act. In order to be able to practice, a special license must be obtained, which is issued to people who have undergone a series of special training. A candidate for a detective must have knowledge of the law on the protection of personal data, the rules of conducting business in the field of detective services or the protection of classified information. 

A prospective detective must have at least secondary education and must be twenty-one years of age. He cannot be disciplinary dismissed from the police or other office, he should also enjoy an impeccable opinion confirmed by the poviat police commander and not be convicted by a final court judgment.

As you can see, a detective is a profession that cannot be taken up by any person on the street. By deciding to cooperate with a detective office, we can certainly work in it are professionals who know their job. When looking for a good detective, it is good to follow the opinions of clients and the competences of the office owner. 

What cases can a private investigator help us with?

A private detective is a specialist who will help us in all situations where we need urgent information that we are not able to obtain ourselves. Life presents us with various situations that we cannot always deal with. Regardless of whether we suspect our spouse of infidelity, we are afraid that our child has fallen into the wrong company, or we have suspicions that someone may be robbing us, a solution to the matter is possible only if we are aware of specific facts and information. These, in turn, are very difficult to access on their own. This is where the detective comes in. 

Private detective - is it worth using his services?Situations in which detective assistance may be required are as frequent and varied as the lives of the individual. Most often, it is rented in a situation where we need 24/7 observation of a specific person or group. Such a task is very difficult for a private person to perform, while a detective has all the competences and tools to perform an observation, which can last even for several days without interruption. This serves to gather evidence that can serve not only to confirm (or verify) specific suspicions, but also as evidence in court – for example, in a divorce case or a child custody hearing. Moreover, it is worth knowing that the detective can be called as a witness before the court. 

Is it worth saving on detective’s services? 

One of the most important issues for people considering hiring a private investigator is the cost of this service. A very important information that we should remember is the fact that no good detective agency will be cheap. This is an annoying fact for some, but still very concrete – good services cost money.

Specialists assure that it is not worth saving on hiring a private detective. Good agencies compete with each other primarily with the quality of services. If we find an office that advertises as “cheap”, we can basically be sure that it is of dubious quality. If we cooperate with an inexperienced, incompetent or unlicensed detective, we risk not only losing the funds deposited. This threatens, among other things, with such consequences as additional hidden costs for individual services, exposing a detective or – worst of all – prosecuting us for illegal activities carried out by investigators.

So what costs do we have to face if we want to use the services of a very good private detective? First of all, remember that in almost all offices the rates are similar and depend on what tools and how long it takes to complete the order paid for by us. The longer the observation continues, the more we will pay the bill. One day costs from eight hundred to two thousand zlotys. 

So, as you can see, a private detective is a professional and defined by law profession. His services are not cheap, but when searching, it is worth avoiding offices that boast a price much lower than those of the competition. Saving money on the services of a detective may not only be unhelpful for us, but even get us into very big trouble.