Putting an elderly person into a retirement home

Putting an elderly person into a retirement home
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Devotion to an elderly person who is close to our heart is certainly not an easy decision. Unfortunately, situations often force us to take care of someone close to them by the right people who are called to do so. Putting a loved one in a retirement home usually takes place when we are not able to provide someone with adequate round-the-clock care or when a given disease simply forces us to ensure that our loved one is under the full control of specialists.

Putting an elderly person into a retirement homeA suitable retirement home is a place where this loved one is to live. No wonder that we should look for a place that will be perfect in every way. A decent retirement home, professional care, nice atmosphere. It is all extremely important for us to be able to fully enjoy those whom we entrust to our grandmother, grandfather, mother or someone else who we are not able to take care of ourselves. In this article, we will try to answer the question – which home for seniors to choose, what to build, what to pay attention to. The better the choice we make, the happier the person who goes to such a place will be.

How is a place in a retirement home arranged?

First of all, it is necessary to write an application to the social welfare center closest to the senior’s place of residence. This application should take into account why the senior needs constant care. For such an application, it is necessary to attach a certificate from a doctor, which confirms the patient’s health condition, and also contains information that the person needs to be placed in a senior home. Among the full documentation, it is also necessary to issue all paperwork that informs about illnesses, about all stays in the hospital, as well as in other medical facilities. If the person has a certificate of incapacity for work or a certificate of disability degree, this must also be included. When we have all the documents collected, a social worker comes to the applicant’s home,the interviewer checks the situation and collects all the necessary information. On this basis, he creates a report that is extremely important when it comes to adoption.The retirement home has a limited number of places and not everyone can afford such a place. Even if the social welfare issues a positive decision, it is important to realize that you often have to wait a long time for a place, because it is not always possible to admit every applicant immediately. Can you choose the right facility, or does the social welfare direct us to a specific one? Shell we. In the application, please provide the specific address of the place to which we want our loved one to be directed. It may happen, however, that there are no places in such a facility and the patient’s health deteriorates. In such a situation, we should agree to the fact that social services will refer such a person to another facility, where he will find the place sooner.

What to look for when choosing a facility?

Before choosing a specific facility, first of all, we should collect the addresses of the places where such retirement home isis located and where we could give a loved one back to us. So what should we do? What to look for? Certainly, having a ready list, it is worth going to specific institutions in person. Sometimes what’s on the web doesn’t necessarily match what’s in reality. In such a place, first of all, there must be good care, but also decent conditions, a nice atmosphere, all that makes a loved one feel good in this place. If we enter such an institution, and the only smell we smell is urine, it will certainly not be a place where we want a loved one to stay, right? Sometimes the search for the perfect place takes weeks or even months. In the past, we used to associate a senior to a nursing home with a difficult ballast. Today it is completely different.A retirement home is a place where you can count on support, help and care for a sick person that we would not be able to offer them ourselves.

How much do nursing homes cost?

It depends. There are houses that are state owned and houses that are private. As for the public and private ones, the retirement home has an agreement with social services. An inmate who is to be in such a place gives 70% of his / her pension. All the rest of the additional services they cost are covered by the state or by the person’s family in the case of private institutions. How much it costs? It all depends on what kind of retirement homewe will choose, because the amount for the daily care is different in each one. On average, this amount is PLN 90 per day. It may be lower in the case of these niche establishments, but also higher. For example, the tuition fee in one of the facilities is PLN 3200, but there, seniors can count on comprehensive care, including visits by a hairdresser or beautician.