Remote psychotherapy – a chance to continue therapy in a new form

Remote psychotherapy - a chance to continue therapy in a new form
6 May 2021 0 Comments

We have had an epidemic for several months. Various restrictions are introduced throughout the country that drastically affect the economic and social situation. This new situation evokes enormous emotions in many people, which not everyone can cope with.

How to deal with the crisis, tension and stress of a pandemic?

What has been going on in our lives for several months is a very difficult experience for some. Initial disbelief begins to turn into terror and overwhelming because we feel there is little we can do and we don’t know the right solution. Stress begins to increase and constant tension appears, which in turn may contribute to the emergence of various types of mental problems, including depression. In such a situation, all possible steps should be taken to avoid the development of a long-term mental crisis. Sessions with a psychotherapist may be the solution .

How can psychotherapy help?

Remote psychotherapy - a chance to continue therapy in a new formThe main task of psychotherapy is to remove and reduce various symptoms of mental disorders in the patient and to initiate such changes in his psyche that will lead to the achievement of a satisfactory level of psychophysical functioning on a daily basis. It is most often used to treat disorders such as neurosis, depression, anxiety, psychosis, eating problems and phobias. Psychotherapy is also effective in the treatment of somatic diseases related to allergies, atopic dermatitis or migraines. It is especially recommended for people who face personal or professional problems, such as divorce, job loss or the death of a loved one. Psychotherapy It is also used in the management of cancer patients or those treated in hospices.

At the beginning of each therapy, individual goals are formulated that the patient wants to achieve. During treatment, they are modified depending on the progress achieved and the patient’s capabilities. Changes and the pace of their introduction must take into account the overall physical and mental condition of the patient.

Types of psychotherapy

Properly conducted psychotherapy is to help the patient to reduce and eliminate the symptoms of the crisis. It should also resolve unconscious conflicts and strengthen the defense capabilities of the treated person. Depending on the complexity of the problem and the number of people involved in it, therapies can be carried out in the following forms:

  • group therapy;
  • individual therapy;
  • therapy for couples or families.

Psychotherapies are also divided according to their duration. Most often, these are short or long-term therapies. Determining the time limits depends primarily on the above-mentioned forms of therapy, the goals set as well as the type of problem and its advancement.

Does psychotherapy work?

Each therapy session lasts approximately one hour. Meetings with a psychotherapist are usually held once a week, although the frequency may vary depending on the complexity of the problem patients are working on. There are situations where a few meetings are enough, but there are also situations that require many years of work. The duration of the therapy is most often given after a few meetings, when the parties have agreed on the problem and its severity.

The effectiveness of psychotherapy has been proven many times and described in specialist books, magazines and websites. However, the visible and noticeable effects of each therapy are highly individual and dependent on many factors. Most often it is influenced by:

  • choosing the right therapist and the level of confidence in him,
  • patient commitment and motivation,
  • selection of appropriate therapy.

Properly conducted psychotherapy definitely improves the quality of life of the patient and his relatives. During the session, the therapist does not provide ready solutions, but rather focuses on showing the patient what is the root of his problems and showing him the possibility of overcoming the impasse. However, the basis of success is the patient’s independent work, making sometimes difficult choices and consistently following the decisions made.

Remote psychotherapy – is it a good solution?

Traditionally, psychotherapy is a direct contact between the patient and the teacher. However, in the last few months, many offices have started working remotely. Are such therapies as effective as those delivered in a standard way? There is no unequivocal answer to this question. However, most psychotherapists believe that the choice of communicator is a secondary concern. The competences of the teacher and the ability to maintain constant contact with the patient are of the utmost importance here.

When deciding to work remotely with a psychotherapist , first of all, check his education, experience and opinions about his classes. If the psychotherapist was valued for conducting therapy in a standard way, he will also prove useful during remote classes. The use of modern tools, such as cameras or e-mails, is only an addition to properly conducted counseling and a chance to continue the therapy. Thanks to this, all people with mental problems can find the necessary help and relief in the difficult times of a pandemic.