Sandblasting of concrete – everything you need to know!

Sandblasting of concrete - everything you need to know!
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Concrete sandblasting is often used to remove the unwanted top layer of concrete. Such a process effectively removes stains caused by unfavorable weather conditions, removes unwanted cement laitance, and even copes with not very good-looking graffiti. So what is the best way to perform the sandblasting process and what should you remember when doing it?

Effective concrete cleaning – sandblasting

Concrete has been used in construction for many years, and it is created by mixing cement with aggregate. It is used for a wide variety of structures because it is practically irreplaceable when it comes to its durability. Unfortunately, concrete surfaces are very susceptible to various types of dirt. For this reason, we often look for effective solutions that would restore the former glow of the concrete surface. One of such treatments is sandblasting of concrete . This procedure is successfully used on both smaller and larger surfaces. Regardless of whether it is to be made outside or inside.

Concrete sandblasting involves the use of sufficiently high pressure and a bit of aggregate. Depending on the needs and parameters of the surface to be cleaned, a variable power of pressure is used. The most commonly used pressure is in the order of 8 to 10 bar. This is called low pressure machining. The use of the high-pressure method, where the number of bars will be greater, may in some cases damage the concrete. Therefore, the pressure should be selected wisely according to the needs and the current condition of the concrete.

Sandblasting of concrete internal and external surfaces

Depending on the condition of the concrete and the location of the surface, we should carefully select the pressure and aggregate. It should be borne in mind that in some places too high pressure of the hose may cause permanent damage to the concrete surface. For this reason, we should test the entire process on a small area to avoid unnecessary problems if necessary. The outer structure of concrete can be very sensitive to sandblasting .

What is the purpose of sandblasting concrete?

The process of sandblasting concrete , surprisingly, can be used very widely. It might seem that we can only clean the surface of the concrete with it. However, it can also be used in other works. What exactly are we talking about? Well, sandblasting of concrete can be done if we want to:

  • clean the concrete surface, e.g. from paints, cement laitance or many others,
  • get the right texture of concrete,
  • vary the roughness of the concrete surface,
  • make aesthetic patterns on concrete.

Of course, advanced concrete sandblasting works are usually performed by experienced and professional companies offering their services in this area. However, it is worth knowing that such companies exist and successfully use sandblasting of concrete as part of the various needs of their customers.

Sandblasting of concrete in combination with water

In some cases, we can successfully sandblast concrete with the addition of water. Of course, the treatment with water is not used indoors, and it is a treatment usually intended for external use. The addition of water causes that we deal with hydro-sandblasting. Thanks to this, we can easily deal with tarnishing of concrete, because sandblasting perfectly enhances the rough surface structure. This makes the surface layer of concrete prepared in such a way ideal for applying all layers on it to repair the entire surface.

What’s more, hydro-sandblasting can also be used to make only spot openings on the concrete surface. It’s all because of the water, because it is great for local washing out of the concrete structure, breaking the whole structure from the inside.

In the case of sandblasting concrete with the addition of water, it is impossible not to mention the effective cleaning of old and dirty reinforcement. Thanks to the high mobility of the pressurized hose with aggregate particles, we can easily clean even small diameter reinforcement.

Is it worth sandblasting concrete?

Definitely yes. Properly carried out sandblasting of concrete can highlight all its advantages and bring each concrete surface to an almost perfect condition. In all this, however, you should remember a few basic rules. We are talking here mainly about choosing the right pressure for the concrete on which we want to perform the sandblasting process . If the pressure is too high, we may inadvertently damage it. As part of this, you should also remember to perform a test sandblasting of the concrete , thanks to which we will make sure that all parameters are set correctly.

The treatment blasting of concrete is recommended as part of different problems. It can effectively deal with old paint, unwanted graffiti and even cleaning the reinforcement. If you have doubts as to whether you want to sandblast concrete effectively yourself , it is worth employing experienced professionals for such works.