Security monitoring – the most important information at a glance

Security monitoring - the most important information at a glance
6 May 2021 0 Comments

If we want to increase the level of protection against burglary, fire or attack, we should invest in an alarm system connected to the facility monitoring system. Security monitoring – a lot is said about it, because it is by far the cheapest and very effective protection of property. What is monitoring protection? We will dispel your doubts in this article. We encourage you to read its content.

What is monitoring? Security monitoring – what is it?

Monitoring, also known as a video monitoring system, consists of cameras that are installed on the protected facility, as well as devices that transmit video streams to the Monitoring Center, alarm event detection algorithms and software that manages the processing of received video streams.

The monitoring service consists in the continuous delivery of signals sent via the Internet, GSM / GPRS or by phone to the local monitoring station. The monitoring stations are operated by employees who have the appropriate qualifications. They work around the clock.

How does monitoring work?

Security monitoring - the most important information at a glanceSecurity monitoring – this is a very important issue. An alarm system installed in a given facility is useful in many situations, for example, it lets you know if one of the detectors is disturbed. Upon receiving the signal, the monitoring station operator transmits information to the emergency patrol and sends the one that is closest to the scene of the event. Special units are also called, such as the fire brigade, police or medical services. A patrol arrives at the facility in no time – 5 to 15 minutes – to secure the facility or capture the villain.

Only properly trained personnel are selected for emergency patrols. Each of the vehicles intended for patrol is equipped with a GPS transmitter, making it easy to find the nearest vehicle of a given event. As for the signals monitored by the Monitoring Station, they depend on the given alarm system located in the facility.

What are the advantages of monitoring?

Security monitoring – this form of facility security has many advantages. The most important of them is the 24-hour supervision of a given facility under protection by means of a monitoring system. In addition, we are sure that immediate action will be taken in an emergency. Monitoring also includes monitoring any irregularities in the alarm system operation and checking system faults. In addition, you should know that marked objects discourage potential burglars. In the event of a suspicious event, the camera operator can observe the situation and scare the burglar away by remotely issuing a voice command. In addition, he can send a patrol to the site. Cameras are a very good way to deter thieves and at the same time reduce the amount of thefts in the workplace.

Monitoring and physical protection

Monitoring has an advantage over physical protection, because in many cases it allows to reduce the number of security guards to a minimum or to completely abandon the service of physical protection. This is possible due to the fact that the security over a given facility is performed by operators at Alarm Monitoring Stations. Their task is to keep track of the images from the installed cameras and, if necessary, to take action. They intervene by calling the Patrol and notifying the relevant services and authorized persons.

Monitoring is also associated with the lack of costs of unjustified interventions. It should be known that each unjustified intervention of the Patrol is associated with an additional cost for the client of the security agency. The camera system provides the operators working in ARC to verify the situation on the spot, eliminate false alarms and stop the Patrol. It is extremely useful, especially when there are motion sensors installed on the premises and when there are, for example, pets.

Why is it worth using a security agency for persons and property?

Using the services of a personal and property security agency is very important, as there may be times when a facility is broken into when the owner is not on the premises. Burglary can take place both in the company and in a public building. You can increase the protection of facilities by installing anti-burglary doors and windows, as well as by purchasing an alarm system. Such security features make it difficult for criminals to break in. The security of a given facility is as high as possible when we employ a property and personal security agency. Workers at such sites are adequately trained and can be entrusted with various responsibilities. A given facility may be covered by 24/7 security in the form of remote video monitoring. Personnel and property security agency staff can also patrol the area and report any suspicious situations.It is worth considering using such services and setting up monitoring to make sure that our facility will be properly protected and that no one will break into it.