Types of blinds – which should we invest in?

Types of blinds - which should we invest in?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Since the construction industry has existed, there have also been various forms of window covering. They were created to ensure the privacy of the inhabitants of houses and apartments and to protect them from the sight of both neighbors and people walking in the area. Although at the very beginning these covers were curtains and curtains, today they play an almost exclusively decorative role.

Immediately after them came the blinds, which turned out to be very effective, but relatively emergency, non-stylish, and in a word – impractical. Their natural evolution are internal roller shutters , which are currently gaining the market and are found in the vast majority of apartments and houses.

Types of internal blinds

Although most of us associate blinds only with one strip of fabric that can be lowered and lifted, there are actually several types of them, and each of them has a completely different appearance – differences often manifest themselves in the way they operate, although the differences are relatively small ( after all, they all do the same thing). At present, we can distinguish roller blinds :

  • free-hanging – the most classic type of roller blinds, popular mainly because they are very convenient and intuitive to install . Most often they are attached to the wall above the window, or to the adjoining frame. By themselves, at the top they have a roll on which the material is wound – usually simple, in one color, appreciated by the supporters of the mechanism. Winding is done using a string system. The advantage of free-hanging roller shutters is not only the convenience of use, but also the fact that they allow you to open and close the window freely – even when they are fully lowered . One of the types of this type of blinds are the so-called mini- blindswhich are installed in a non-invasive way in the window itself (non-invasive means using special hooks that are attached to the window frame). They are great in rooms that we do not want to visually reduce (this often happens when using other types of blinds), but also wherever the wall between the window and the room is simply too small.
  • Roman blinds – blinds of this type are a combination of classic blinds with airy and patterned curtains. When picked up by a string, they create very decorative waves, and thanks to their specificity, they can appear in a wide range of patterns and types of materials from which they are made. Their advantage is also instant assembly, which can be non-invasive or invasive – depending on our needs.
  • Austrian – this type of blinds is mounted on the wall or ceiling. Roller blinds of this type, when pulled by a string, do not curl, but create very decorative folds that resemble classic curtains. They are one of the most decorative types of blinds available.
  • pleated – the main advantage of pleated blinds is flexibility – they can be matched to a window of almost any shape – both rectangular (and therefore classic) and unusual – for example triangular. Pleated blinds can be purchased in two versions: single and double-functional. The former operate as standard, curling from the bottom to the top. The latter, in turn, can curl in both directions, allowing only the central part of the window to be covered. The roller blinds of this type resemble a harmonica.
  • roof – roof blinds are mounted in the roof window and this is where their name comes from. They are mounted close to the glass and are based on a system that holds them against it, preventing the material from which they were made from hanging freely. Their advantage is the possibility of covering only a part of the window, but the fact that they can roll up on their own or in a way similar to the rolling of pleated blinds.

The main advantages of roller shutters

Types of blinds - which should we be interested in?The use of roller shutters in your own windows has a number of advantages. The most important, which we mentioned earlier, is privacy – the roller shutters work in such a way that they are able to completely cover our window, protecting us from the eyes of anyone from the outside. The advantage of roller shutters is also their flexibility – while in the case of shutters it is difficult, we can freely lower and raise the shutters to any height– so if we want to protect ourselves from the sun from above, but at the same time see what is happening outside, they will be a great option. This equipment is also a perfect complement to interior design – especially since, as we have already specified in the previous paragraph, it can be purchased in many different variants, but also in colors, cuts and sizes, even those prepared in accordance with our guidelines, at our request.


Roller shutters are one of the elements of equipment in every home that we should invest in as soon as possible – preferably right after moving. They will not only allow you to maintain greater privacy, but also allow a greater sense of freedom in your own home, while protecting against excessively flowing sun rays.