Vacation abroad – what you should remember before leaving the country

Vacation abroad - what you should remember before leaving the country
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Poles are more and more willing to go on holiday abroad. More and more often, a trip to the so-called warm countries is cheaper than a holiday spent in the country. The guarantee of beautiful weather, warm sea, as well as tasty, regional food, which is an integral part of each country, means that travel agencies in our country have significantly increased their revenues compared to previous years. It is important that everyone who goes abroad carefully analyzes the content of the signed contract, as well as the conditions of stay.


There is no doubt that our compatriots most often choose holiday trips organized by travel agencies. Bearing in mind the safety of loved ones, before signing the contract, you should pay attention to several important details, the most important of which is insurance.

The first is to check your travel agent. Every year a report on travel agencies is published. It contains information on the financial condition of each travel agency in our country. The larger and more wealthy a travel agency, the lower the chance of its bankruptcy. It is worth remembering that each travel agency must have insurance that will cover the trip in the event of a bankruptcy announcement. Information about it is available on the website of the Insurance Guarantee Fund. In the past, there have been accidents in which tourists were deprived of accommodation overnight, but had to return to the country at their own expense. The insurance is intended to protect against similar situations.


Vacation abroad - what you should remember before leaving the countryThe place we want to visit is extremely important. There are warnings for travelers on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Individual regions have been divided into: be careful (as in Poland), be particularly careful, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against trips that are not necessary, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises against any trips. In this way, it is easy to check whether there has been an armed conflict in the selected country that could be life-threatening.
In the case of foreign trips, it is worth checking in which climate zone the selected country is located. Our comfort will depend to a large extent on the weather conditions. For example, it is worth going to Australia in the summer, but in Australia summer falls on our December, January and February.


Travel agencies publish information on accommodation based on local standards. When choosing a three-star hotel in India, we must remember that these are three stars by Indian standards, not Polish.


One of the most important questions tourists ask about. Depending on the chosen travel agency, tourists can choose from several food options. In addition, some centers can serve pan-European cuisine, and some regional. An extremely popular option that many tourists choose is BED and BREAKFAST, which includes accommodation with breakfast. Holidays abroad can concern both beautiful places in Europe and around the world. The choice of the course should be determined only by the individual preferences of the participants, not the costs related to the trip.

Last and first minute prices

Until recently, our countrymen decided to go on last minute trips. At the moment, the tendency has changed and Poles are eager to reach for first minute offers. Thanks to this, they have a low price guarantee, as well as a number of additional discounts. Depending on the selected holiday offer, parents traveling with children can count on additional cost exemption. Usually, the cost of a child’s stay is half of the amount paid for an adult.

Insurance against unfortunate events

Regardless of which travel agency is selected, each participant of the trip is entitled to insurance. Nevertheless, travel agencies often choose the cheapest options, which are not sufficient in all countries. For this reason, it is worth negotiating a better insurance offer for holidays abroad before signing the contract .


Each travel agency must have its own resident who is responsible for providing assistance to travelers during the holidays. It is he who is waiting for them at the airport, and also presents the program of optional trips.

Facultative trips

Optional excursions will be presented during holidays abroad . Regardless of the first or last minute, optional trips are subject to an additional fee.


In the event that the travel agency fails to comply with the arrangements contained in the travel agreement, each participant of the trip may file a complaint. This can be done both during departure and after returning to the country. In this case, we have three years to submit a complaint. One of the forms of complaint is the reimbursement of part or all of the travel costs. Holidays abroad are an excellent opportunity to rest and maintain relationships with loved ones. For this reason, it is worthwhile for their organization to be undertaken by a proven travel agency that is trusted by customers.