What to consider when choosing a garage door?

What to consider when choosing a garage door?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Garage is one of the basic buildings found in every household. This is directly influenced by the fact that nowadays more and more people have their own passenger car. It also often happens that one family has several of them. For this reason, companies specializing in erecting buildings for the storage of motor vehicles provide more and more services of this type. However, they are very diverse. In addition, there are many garage variants available on the construction market. There are also various garage door designs . No wonder that choosing the right one is extremely difficult. Therefore, when considering the purchase of this type of equipment, several criteria should be taken into account, as described below.

What factors influence the choice of the right garage door?

What to consider when choosing a garage door?One of the basic considerations when choosing a garage door is the visual aspect. First of all, it must match the entire environment, which includes the house, garden and other buildings on the property. The colors offered when installing the door should also meet the expectations of the customers. Usually, gates are offered in shades of gray, brown and white. Elements in other, non-standard colors are installed less frequently. It is connected with additional costs. Additionally, the surface of the door itself can have various textures. Garage doors are very popularimitating wood or coffers. It is also possible to install the so-called fanlights, which, although relatively more expensive, allow the interior of the garage to be more illuminated.

In addition, a perfectly selected garage door must meet all assumptions related to the safety of installation and use. First of all, it should be durable and stable. The design should also take into account its desired size, because it has a real impact on the type of gate that will be appropriate in a given case. In addition to the above factors, it is worth considering your own preferences and the convenience provided by a given type of garage door. After all, it is supposed to meet the expectations of its users.

Types of garage doors

Today, there are many models of individual garage doors available on the construction market . The most popular of them are listed below.

  1. Sectional gates, otherwise known as sectional gates. They can be in the side or top variant. Thanks to their specific way of opening, they do not take up space in front of the garage, so they can be used where there is no free space.
  2. Up-and-over gates, also known as panel gates. In this case, opening the garage requires additional space. This is because the lower part of the door has to be moved to the outside. Their construction is relatively simple, which directly affects the lower price than in the case of sectional doors.
  3. Rolling gates, also known as roller shutters. Their operation can be explained by an example of the functioning of window blinds. Due to the fact that they occupy the least space during opening and closing among all types of gates, they are exceptionally easy and convenient to use. Additionally, they are sold with an electric drive, which is a great convenience. A significant disadvantage is the fact that due to the relatively high costs of installing a roller door, still few manufacturers have it in their offer.
  4. Swing gates are the oldest type of garage doors. At the same time, they are installed less and less. This is because the sideways opening of the door leaves a lot of space in front of the garage. So this is a big minus when using them.

What materials does the garage door consist of?

Typically, the garage construction elements in question are made of several basic materials. These include, first of all, steel and aluminum sheets. Sometimes, although relatively rarely, there are also garages made of wood. Sometimes garage doors are made of a copper sheet structure, as well as aluminum, on which copper or bronze is applied. However, these are rare solutions.

What equipment is worth installing when finishing the garage door?

Thermal insulation is a common accessory for garage doors . It is usually performed when the garage is part of the house and it is heated. However, this procedure is not very profitable in the free-standing garage variant. An unheated building does not require the installation of an insulated gate.

Additionally, it is worth considering installing an electric drive that will enable remote control of the garage door with a special remote control. This solution is a significant convenience for people using it. Another useful element of garage doors are windows installed in them at the customer’s request. They allow for additional illumination of the interior of the building. Manufacturers offer various shapes of windows. They can be rectangular, square, triangular and oval. The choice of a specific shape depends on the construction of the gate and the needs and preferences of customers. An interesting solution is also the installation of a separate door that allows access to the garage without opening the door.