What’s better – ozonation or ultrasound?

What's better - ozonation or ultrasound?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Both ozonation and ultrasonic cleaning are becoming more and more popular recently. However, many people wonder which of these solutions is more beneficial, which does not seem easy to say. What exactly is ozonation? What are the properties of the ozone element? What should we know about ultrasonic cleaning? What to decide on – ozonation or ultrasound? The answers to these questions can be found in the article below, which we cordially invite all interested readers to read. 

What is ozonation?

Ozone treatment of the apartment is one of the most effective ways to disinfect, without using any chemicals. The only element is, as the name says, ozone, which is a naturally occurring gas with strong oxidizing properties. It is an excellent method that will work in places where microbiological purity is required. Interestingly – ozonation of the apartment removes unpleasant odors. The treatment is completely safe for the human body, provided that the nitrogen concentration is at an appropriate level and that no one will stay in a given room. Ozone treatment of rooms  is a solution that is fully compatible with nature. 

What does the ozonation of rooms look like in practice?

Ozonation of rooms is, contrary to appearances, not a complicated process. First of all, we should take care of the proper preparation of the room. First of all, we clean the room. We vacuum carpets, wipe off liquids, we ventilate them. It is worth moving away the furniture adjacent to the walls, and the hanging ones should be removed or tilted to a certain distance. You should take out the bedding and also remove the mattress cover, if possible. In the case of an apartment in a block of flats, it is worth covering the ventilation opening. Otherwise, ozonation of the apartment could end up with the gas going to the neighbors, which we would certainly prefer to avoid. The second important step is to optimize the humidity. The bigger it is, the more effective the treatment will be. From many studies it has been concluded thatozonation of rooms  is effective when this value is at least 40%. If we want to quickly optimize the moisture, then it is possible to spray the water with a sprayer, or use an air humidifier. Finally, we should effectively isolate the room. For this purpose, it is worth closing the windows. Additionally, remember not to be inside during the ozonation process, and to take the animals from there. It is completely safe to zoning the premises as long as the appropriate ozone concentration is used. 

Basic information on ultrasonic cleaning

What's better - ozonation or ultrasound?Recently, ultrasound cleaning is also popular. This method is extremely effective and will prove itself in many cases. It is worth using ultrasonic cleaning for various types of components or other parts. Be aware that ultrasonic cleaning is safer than traditional mechanical methods. How is it possible? There is no cavitation phenomenon, which consists in the fact that a lot of pressure waves are generated in the washing solution, which are caused by air bubbles. Finally, the surfaces are not exposed to damage, and the removal of contamination is fully effective. Ultrasonic cleaning also allows you to remove all kinds of grease, residues and oils. Removal of these substances via traditional methods could prove somewhat problematic. 

Ozonation or ultrasound – what to decide?

Many people wonder what is a better solution – ozonation or ultrasound? The answer to this question is not the easiest one, because both solutions are very effective. First of all, ozonation deals primarily with the removal of microorganisms in the air. Ozone treatment can also eliminate unpleasant odors that prevail in the room or in the car. We are dealing with the decontamination phenomenon, which is particularly important for allergy sufferers, as well as for people whose immunity leaves much to be desired. Interestingly, ozonationit perfectly freshens up ventilation and air conditioning ducts. The ultrasonic method works a bit differently – the chemical agent will remove pollen and microorganisms, but in the case of cars it is not very effective, and the chemicals used are certainly not the healthiest for our body. So what is worth choosing, ozonation or ultrasound? The first method seems to be a better choice, due to the fact that it is environmentally friendly and, additionally, completely safe for health. This is evidenced by the fact that ozone treatment is used wherever it is necessary to apply the highest hygiene standards.