Why are steel structures becoming more and more popular?

Why are steel structures becoming more and more popular?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Any construction work always requires the services of qualified builders who, in turn, can make comments and offer economically valuable suggestions. A popular trend today is the use of metals to create objects for various purposes. Metals are inherently durable materials. They are extremely effective in the construction of high-rise buildings as well as other construction projects. Steel has become very popular in our time, steel structures for warehouses, garages and aircraft hangars are produced from it.

Purpose of steel structures

Today, steel can be used not only in certain types of buildings, but also in the construction of shopping centers, office buildings, etc. It is possible because steel is not only very strong, but is usually cheaper than other building materials and is easy to buy. The efficiency of prefabricated steel structures increases with ensuring the reliability of the connection of elements, their stable waterproofing, as well as with the correct calculation of the spatial and structural solutions of buildings, loads.

Many builders use prefabricated steel structures in their projects. With the advent of structures made of lighter materials, the variety of manufactured products has increased. Prefabricated steel structures are more efficient due to their light weight, ease of assembly and disassembly, and transportation. And they all have a low cost. The benefits of using them come down to three aspects: construction cost, construction time reduction and durability of materials used in the project.

Guide to the use of prefabricated steel structures

The contractor must ensure that the design and construction specifications are met prior to installation. The production specification should include performance measurement and architectural design. The construction project plan is important as it identifies the actual materials that will be used. After approval of the design, the contractor may place an order for the execution of steel structures, and then they will be delivered to the construction site according to pre-determined precise dimensions.

Prefabricated steel materials can significantly speed up construction, because during the assembly of the structure, the contractor can already lay the foundations for the actual construction and related work, such as pouring the foundation, insulation, dragging electrical, plumbing and other construction work. After the construction of an object made of steel structures is completed, it is necessary to confirm the technical properties. All this, of course, must be documented in accordance with building regulations and zoning plans.

The reasons for the increasing popularity of steel structures

Why are steel structures becoming more and more popular?The design features of steel structures allow them to be called the technology of the future. The construction of steel framed structures has great potential, which has been appreciated by many construction companies. Experts note that such designs combine high functionality, beautiful shapes and long service life. Their use opens up new possibilities and the implementation of the most complex architectural solutions, which until recently were impossible to implement in practice. Another undoubted advantage is the low cost, which allows you to significantly save money. Objects made of steel are not only solid, but also quite aesthetic, especially when combined with other elements.

Why are steel structures so popular?

  • Acceleration of the construction process – steel structures are joined together with screws, which ensures high assembly speed. In this way, the customer can quickly obtain a facility ready for use and start earning money.
  • Cost reduction – experts point out that steel structure is a very cost effective solution in terms of cost savings. The possibility of saving begins already at the stage of laying the foundation, since the weight of a building made of steel is 40-60% less than a structure of the same size made of brick.

The effectiveness of the use of steel structures is achieved by:

  • Lowering the costs of fire protection of metal structures
  • The use of high-strength steel, which reduces metal consumption by up to 25%
  • The use of perforated and asymmetrical beams with the use of profiled sheet on the bottom flange. It should be noted that the use of steel structures is slightly dependent on weather conditions.
  • High functionality – the features of the use of steel structures make it possible to obtain open spaces without columns with thin interlayer ceilings.
  • The possibility of quick modification – such structures can be easily and economically modified depending on the wishes of the owner and his commercial plans. You can also build on them. This is important, especially if the business has to be conducted in large cities where land is very expensive.

Steel structures are practically not subject to deformation, they do not shrink. Moreover, they have high strength and plastic parameters.