Why is hotel bedding so comfortable?

Why is hotel bedding so comfortable?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Almost all of us have experienced it. You lie in a bed in a nice hotel and you will notice how soft the sheets are. You will notice how wonderful the feeling surrounds your skin. You may even feel disappointed in the lack of comparable sheets at home! So why then hotel sheets, even such as standard sets of plain fabric, make us feel so good, or at least much better, than in a home sheet?

Why is hotel bedding so comfortable?This is not a simple answer. First, part of this aspect is psychological. You are most likely staying in this hotel for vacation purposes, away from the problems that occupy your mind at home. Which also means that you are in a relaxing form of mind. That being said, part of the fun of hotel sheets is possibly a placebo effect. Once you get past that, there are some real and tangible differences between the sheets you’ll find in hotels and those you’ll find in your own home cupboard (or on the bed, for that matter). The way the sheets are used is also important. Hotel linen is treated differently from household linen.

Household linen and hotel linen

To find out why they are so different, it is important to know what functions these individual sheets have.  When it comes to hotel sheets, durability is paramount. Hotel bedding is washed up to 300 times a year, so they are designed to undergo a minimum of one year of washing cycles against fraying or tearing. Depending on how often the bedding is washed, it may take 10-15 years to reach this number. With this in mind, hotel sheets are designed to limit the number of washes needed. One way to do this is to use a variety of fabrics and weaves for better cooling. The less you sweat, the cleaner your sheets will be. The cleaner the sheets are, the less likely you are to ask to wash them.
Another way hotel sheets are designed for durability is by the number of threads. We’ll cover this in more detail in a moment.  Household
bedding usually uses one type of fabric. Often you will see sheets of 100% cotton or 100% viscose etc. Hotel sheets are almost always a fabric blend, the most common being a blend of cotton and polyester. After twisting the strips of cotton with polyester, small pockets are formed, which help the sheet to breathe better.  This air flow makes hotel bedding so cool.
Retail bedsheets, on the other hand, are designed with two purposes to make them feel extra soft on the shelf and feature a large number of threads. Softness is usually the first (and usually only) priority for sheet buyers. To satisfy the need for softness, manufacturers use a large amount of commercial fabric softeners to keep the fabric as soft as possible.
If “sheet set A” appears softer than “sheet set B”, the average person will choose set A regardless of what features they have or do not have.

The use of home bedding and the use of hotel bedding

The sheets are used in the same way in hotels as they are at home, but as with most other things in life, there are little details that make a huge difference.
As you have probably found out, sheets get softer the more you wash them, and hotel sheets are washed frequently – almost, if not, daily. As mentioned earlier, single bed linen in the hotel can be washed up to 300 times a year. This repeated washing softens the bedding quite softly.

Washing bedding also has another advantage

Have you ever noticed that bedding is softer and smoother after washing? Yes, fabric softener plays a role, but there is more to it.
People sweat while sleeping. Sweating adds wrinkles to the sheets, making them wrinkled and textured, and will almost become crispy after about a week until the next time you wash them again. As hotel bedding is washed daily, this cardboard and crispy surface is never created.
Hotels use commercial detergents and fabric softeners to clean hotel bedding that we do not have access to. These are the same fabric softeners that are initially used for bedding that you buy at retail stores.Commercially available fabric softeners contain certain chemicals – such as phosphates, which clean the laundry exceptionally and make the linen so smooth and soft. These chemicals are not allowed in retail products for environmental reasons.

Hotel bedding at home?

If you want that unique softness of a hotel sheet, you are surely wondering what steps you need to take to make that desire a reality. Initially, consider purchasing high-quality detergents that improve the texture of your bedding after you take it out of the wash. The mere fact of using high-quality fabric softeners will turn even your old linen into a delicate fabric with a soft texture.