Women’s shirts – what to choose and what to combine them with?

Women's shirts - what to choose and what to combine them with?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Men’s and women’s shirts are a timeless classic that has been known for hundreds of years. However, it was not until the Renaissance that more attention was paid to this part of the costume. Since then, shirts have undergone various changes and are now available in countless styles, designs and colors. One of the advantages of a women’s shirt is certainly its versatility – depending on how we sterilize it, it will be suitable for the office, school, shopping or an evening party. So what are the most popular shirt cuts? What to pay attention to when choosing a shirt? What to combine this garment with to always look stylish?

Women’s shirt in many versions

The most formal and elegant is the women’s shirt with a classic, delicately fitted cut with a collar. The simple cut definitely favors the female figure – it hides the protruding belly and sides, and the narrowing of the waist area draws attention to the slimmest part of the body. Elegant shirts are usually snowy white, but you can also find them in other colors. Classic shirts in shades of blue, pink and navy blue look great. In recent years, many women have opted for a different, more casual and casual type of shirt. It’s about oversize models that look a bit as if they were borrowed from men’s wardrobe. They are more casual and extravagant, and when properly combined, they allow you to achieve an extremely feminine look.

Women’s shirt is not only simple cuts and classic forms. Lovers of the romantic and boho style eagerly reach for shirts with various decorations. It can be balloon, wide sleeves, frills, frills, embroidery, lace and openwork cutouts. Checked flannel shirts and denim models are also indispensable. These are more casual proposals that have also been borrowed from men’s fashion. They are very comfortable and easy to style to achieve an unforced and interesting effect. Women’s shirts can also have a party face. Shirts made of flowing fabrics that fit beautifully on the body are perfect for evening outings. A mist shirt made of slightly translucent, airy material may also be a good choice.

What to consider when choosing a shirt?

Women's shirts - what to choose and what to combine them with?When choosing a shirt, you should consider not only your tastes and preferences. It must be remembered that in some places a strictly defined dress code is required, which does not allow casual clothes. It is worth knowing what outfit is expected from us and adapt to the given circumstances. It is safest to choose a classic white shirt for the office, for a job interview or for an important exam. It is also good to take into account the quality of the garment. The most popular women’s shirt is, of course, the one made of good-quality cotton or viscose. In general, it is better to avoid synthetic materials that make the skin unable to breathe. Especially in the summer season, you should pay attention to the material from which the shirt is made. In hot weather, for example, a linen shirt will be perfect.However, if we choose styling for an evening party, choose a model made of shiny satin, silk or velvet.

Let’s also pay attention to details. It is often the small details that determine whether a women’s shirt looks elegant and tasteful. Decorative buttons, a well-cut collar, aesthetic stitching – all this affects the perception of the entire styling. If we see that the shirt is already crumpled in the store, the buttons are sewn badly and the threads stick out in some places, it is a sign that the product is not of good quality and probably will not be wearable after a few uses. Sometimes it is worth paying more and be sure that the shirt we buy will serve us for a long time, and at the same time will give us class and style.

The most interesting styles with a shirt in the lead role

A shirt is a piece of clothing that will work on almost every occasion. For work, you can choose a straight, fitted shirt tucked into a pencil or flared skirt. If the dress code allows it, let’s play with colors and patterns. A white women’s shirt takes on a completely different character when accompanied by a jacket with colorful flowers. It will also go great with pants, for example the recently popular chinos. White is an extremely graceful and universal color, so you can safely focus on a stronger color accent in the lower part of the outfit. The casual women’s shirt can be combined with jeans and sneakers. An oversized shirt tied nonchalantly in the front of pants or tied in a knot will look great.Rolling up the sleeves and undoing a few buttons at the collar are simple steps that will make the whole look more effective and free. The shirt can also be combined with various interesting textures, for example leather, wool, suede or fur. At the party, an outfit consisting of a satin shirt, leather, varnished skirt and high heels will look great.