Is it worth using an orthopedic consultation?

Is it worth using an orthopedic consultation?
6 May 2021 0 Comments

Orthopedics is a science that deals with the treatment of diseases of the skeletal and joint systems. He also deals with injuries and motor problems. In Poland, many people use the advice and consultation of a specialist doctor who deals with treatment and diagnostics. Who is an orthopedic doctor? What he does? Is it worth using orthopedic consultations?

Several people contributed to the development of orthopedics in Poland, incl. Adam Gruca, Adolf Wojciechowski, Wiktor Dega and Ireneusz Wierzejewski. Men are authors of scientific works and authors of orthopedic surgical methods. The first orthopedic clinic was established in Poznań. It was in 1923. In turn, in 1928 the Polish Society of Orthopedics and Traumatology was established. 

Who is an orthopedic doctor?

An orthopedist is a doctor who treats posture defects and diseases related to the malfunctioning of the musculoskeletal system. They mainly concern limb and spine injuries. The main thing is when there is an injury. Treatment is then either operative or conservative. It all depends on the injury, its course and complications. Some injuries can be healed by rehabilitation or by recommended home exercises. However, there are injuries that require surgical treatment, and it is absolutely necessary. Orthopedics is one of the important medical specialties. Often the orthopedic doctor is colloquially referred to as a bone doctor. If we ever hear such a statement, it is known that it is an orthopedic doctor. This name comes from the fact that it is an orthopedic office or clinicpeople who have a bone problem come forward.

The tasks of an orthopedist, in particular, include treatment and diagnosis of diseases. It is mainly about diseases such as: injuries, i.e. fractures, damage and sprains. Diseases also include arthrosis, flat feet, discopathy, hernia, postural defects, congenital ear defects, overloads, bone tumors and sciatica. An orthopedic doctor in an orthopedic clinic or his private office carries out tests, thanks to which he can diagnose a given disease. Later, he keeps the patient under constant control and assesses his health. The orthopedist must explain to the patient what his illness or disease is. Explains the treatment and prognosis. He carries out a series of tests. He performs procedures such as biopsy or arthroscopy. He selects and sometimes performs ultrasound, tomography and radiological examinations.Prepares a medical opinion on the patient. Surgical treatment of orthopedic diseases is undertaken. The doctor keeps the patient’s medical records. He also orders rehabilitation. As you can see, the orthopedic doctor is responsible for many activities. Thanks to this, the patient knows that he can trust such a doctor.

What examinations does the orthopedist perform?

The orthopedic surgeon is first and foremost visited by people who seek relief and relief, which annoy them and intensify. The orthopedist first conducts an interview with the patient. He or she may also order or perform a test to determine the exact type of condition. It is best to recognize the changes caused by a sprain or fracture. Other diseases are a bit complicated, but after a thorough interview and tests, the orthopedic doctor will also make an appropriate diagnosis. Degenerative diseases of the spine are difficult to recognize because they can cause a variety of symptoms. These include tinnitus, numbness in the arms and legs, migraines or pains in the area of ​​the sternum. Sometimes characteristic of a heart attack. The orthopedic surgeon asks the patient about previous illnesses in order to decide how to treat the person. The specialist orders tests that are helpful in further treatment.Such examinations include: ultrasound, computed tomography, arthrography, densitometry, X-ray, and radiological examinations.The orthopedic clinic works well with all kinds of problems and diseases. 

Disease treatment methods

Is it worth using an orthopedic consultation?Each patient decides for himself whether to choose an orthopedic clinicor a doctor’s office. There are many methods of treating diseases. It all depends on what we suffer from and what causes us pain. Most often, the orthopedic doctor introduces drug treatment. The patient then feels relief thanks to the use of appropriate medications. Positive effects are also brought by therapy or physiotherapy treatments. They include, among others electrotherapy, massage, currents or rehabilitation exercises. There are times when it may turn out that you need to undergo surgical treatment. After the operation, the patient must undergo a long rehabilitation. Cryotherapy is often used in patients with orthopedic diseases. It is the exposure of disease sites to low temperature. Thanks to this method, pain is reduced, inflammation is eliminated.In addition to this type of methods, in orthopedics today, doctors use a method that involves the use of stem cells. It works well for athletes and people who have had injuries. Stem cells that come from fat tissue are injected into a specific site. Thanks to this method, patients do not have to undergo the procedure of arthroscopy.

An orthopedic clinic is a place that is used by many people. It is an ideal option to use if we have problems with the locomotor system, when we feel pain or we are struggling with various types of problems.